Electric Forklifts

1992 Electric Counterbalanced Standup 40RCTTS - $8,950 • ID/SN: 2865 • Electric, 36-volt • 4,000 lbs capacity • 96"/226" 3-stage mast • Cushion tires • Side shifter • Sold as is

1992 Electric Counterbalanced Standup 40RCTTS forklift

2007 Electric Counterbalanced Standup RC302030 - $12,975 • ID/SN: 3559 • Electric, 36v • 3,000 lbs cap. • 190" 3-stage mast • Cushion tires • Side shifter, used battery and 3-phase charger • 30 day train warranty excluding leaks

2007 Electric Counterbalanced Standup RC302030 forklift
Electric forklifts have their unique advantages. Electric forklifts are a great fit for warehouses and manufacturing facilities that are mostly indoor use.  If your business is going to use the forklift mostly indoors, and you don’t want smoke or fumes, then electric is the way to go.

The good: Lift capacities up to 80,000 lbs. The operating costs can be lower than combustion engine forklifts. Electric forklifts charge at a station, so no need to store fuel on the premises. Cost for electricity can be a lot lower than fuel. Electric produces zero emissions. Noise reduction, and no propane tank at the rear of the forklift. The automatic braking reduces wear and reduces fatigue for the operator. Electric forklifts do not require engine oil or coolant. You can wait longer on your maintenance schedules.

The bad: You will need space to install a battery charging station. Voltage requirements could be an issue with older buildings. Most electric forklifts have a higher upfront cost to start with. Heavy batteries may require a special lift for changing them out.